Best Air Compressor for Home: Before and After Purchase

When you start to think that you need to buy an air compressor you definitely want to buy best air compressor for your needs. In this article we have compiled several main questions that you should know before buying your Best Air Compressor.

The air compressor can be used in almost all spheres of our activity. Most people use air compressors for inflating, stapling and installation and even spray painting. But before this they are faced with the question of what to focus on when choosing the Best air compressor for home use. And it is time to learn how you are going to choose one.

Evaluate your need

This is important because there are air compressors that are meant to handle basic home needs and there are those manufactured with larger horsepower for industrial use. If you think it would be great to have an air compressor whenever needed for home repair, you can ask for models that work best for this purpose. But if you are running a shop and you will need compressor to run other tools, you might purchase those that can withstand frequent usage.

Find the right air compressor type

There are several types of air compressors out there and the internet will surely overwhelm you with its answers. Keep in mind that some compressor types you will see are just the same, they are classified differently. If you are seeing air compressor types that are low-pressured, medium-pressured, and high-pressured, these are classified according to their discharge pressure. If you are seeing options like horizontal and vertical or pancake and hotdog, these are actually your options in terms of tank orientation and design.

When choosing the right compressor type, consider first the area of your house. If you have a garage, then you can go to a stationary air compressor unit and move on to the next feature. If you live in an apartment and you think there is not enough space to store things like air compressors, you can just choose the portable type.

Best Air Compressor for Home

Choose the right brand to trust

There are really a lot different compressor manufacturers  which produce quality compressors. We recommend to read more about each manufacturer to find out their pros and cons and who is the best one at the current time. To get more information about each manufacturer go to Manufacturers section on our website.

Importance of providing long-term care

Air compressors are durable machines and they can actually work for more than ten years if they are properly maintained. After buying your desired compressor unit, read in the manual for its care and maintenance.

Maintenance and care of air compressors are important because you have to keep the machinery going, especially if you are running a shop. Below are some things you should do on a regular basis to help maintain the efficiency of your machine:

  • On a daily basis, you should observe your machine if there are oil leaks.
  • Check the safety valve and moisture separator.
  • If the working place can get very dirty, clean the filter and the outside parts to keep its appearance.
  • You should also check the pressure settings and its safety shutdown system.
  • Change the air compressor oil (see steps on next topic)
  • Depending on your air compressor type, change the oil separator and air filter as well after accumulating a certain number of working hours.

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